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All Noise Control Resources & Acoustic Education
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Architectural Noise Control Products are designed to acoustically treat and soundproof interior wall and ceiling spaces including; schools, music rooms, universities, churches, offices and any space that has reverberation problems.

Architectural Noise Control products include; acoustical wall panels, ceiling tiles, ceiling baffles, acoustic banners, diffusers and noise barriers.

We also offer Metal panels, ceiling tiles and clouds, those comes both in metal and fabric options. Our engineered noise control solutions provide noise control solutions to meet all commercial and interior soundproofing needs.

Architectural Acoustics Breakdown by Applications:


Institutional Acoustics


Classroom design and layouts with good acoustics help students understand what educators are teaching and allows students to have a better understanding of the lessons with fewer distractions.

Proper design and layout in a classroom environment will add acoustical wall panels or acoustical ceiling tiles to break up the hard wall and ceiling surfaces used in typical classroom environment.

Materials Used in Schools for Classrooms, Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Cafeterias :
Case Studies
How To Install:



Music Productions and Recording Studios Soundproofing

Ceiling Clouds

Recording Studios in a commercial or home recording studio, a broadcast studio, or a production room in a church, requires low noise from the mechanical equipment, isolated room from outside noise and good space acoustic control.

Soundproof Materials Used in Production and Recording Studios:
Case Studies:
How To Install:


Church Soundproofing

Church Soundproofing

This type of acoustic need requires special attention and knowledge to the nuances of voluminous spaces & hard surfaces, especially in the new architectural designs. This excessive space allows for significant reverberation, also known as echoes.

Soundproof Materials Used in Church:
Case Studies:
  • Family Life Church Quiets Sanctuary Room and Rids Themselves of Echo Problem.. Read More
  • Sanctuary of Central Christian Church receives aesthetic boost and improved sound quality....Read More
  • Thomasville Methodist Reduces Noise & Improve Speech Intelligibility.. Read More
How To Install:


Office Noise Control

Ceiling Clouds

In today’s built environment noise problems can range from being a mild nuisance to a serious intrusion in another space. Acoustic problems in schools may cause difficulties with teaching, as students can’t always hear what is being said and this affects concentration (and therefore academic performance). Or poor auditorium acoustics may spoil the enjoyment of a concert. Whatever the source of noise or problem being experienced, the first step is to identify what the problem is and how we can resolve it.

Soundproof Materials Used in Commercial Space:
Case Studies:
  • experiences serious echo & reverberation problems in telemarketing room. Read More
  • Esquire Magazine requires a confidential meeting room and looks to All Noise Control to meet their corporate needs. Read More
How To Install:


Restaurant Noise Control

Ceiling Clouds

Proper restaurant design and layout should take into consideration what the room will sound like. Acoustical materials are used in restaurant interior design to create a quieter environment for a better dining experience.

Acoustical wall panels or ceiling tiles can be used in restaurant interior design to create a more pleasurable and comfortable atmosphere or ambiance. These acoustical treatments are not only effective, but aesthetically pleasing.

Soundproof Materials Used in Restaurants:
Case Studies:


  • Froggtown Inn & Acres Restaurant keeps things aesthetic and quiet with our ceiling clouds. Read More.
  • Noise Pollution in Restaurants Read Here
How To Install:


Hospitals Noise Control

Hospitals Noise Control

Clean room environments impose sanitation constraints diametrically opposed to the basic construction of noise control materials and systems.

Clean rooms require washable, cleanable, dust and fiber free supply materials. Clean rooms usually are designed with hard and reflective floor and wall treatments, which create a high level of reverberation or echo leading to poor speech intelligibility within the clean room.

Soundproof Materials Used in Healthcare Field:
Case Studies:
How To Install:

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All our Noise Control and Soundproofing Products are Made in U.S.A Made in U.S.A

Architectural noise control:

  • Improves sound and clarity for movies, sports, video games and a home theater
  • Reduces echo and reverberation in large halls, gymnasiums, classrooms, auditoriums, and churches
  • Reduces noise in crowded spaces, restaurants and bars
  • Provides perfect conditions in recording studios and control rooms

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Architectural Applications Details:

Architectural Noise Control designed to acoustically treat and soundproof interior wall and ceiling spaces including:

Education: Classrooms, Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Cafeterias

Music rooms: Broadcast and Recording






and any space that has reverberation problems.

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