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All Noise Control Resources & Acoustic Education
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We've helped solve problems for companies such as Boeing, Amazon, IBM and Lockheed Martin. Governent agencies, military & US Coast Guard.

Read our noise control case studies to learn more about real world applications.

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Noise Control Products Case Studies

With new Case Studies weekly, you'll be sure to find one that's relevant to your application to help understand the problems solved and how our products were used.

These noise control case studies are in PDF format for you to download, save and print or read.


  Boeing Noise Control
Boeing Arizona Facility deals with shared office & work area sound transmission problems. Open the PDF case study complete with customer supplied photos of our acoustic blanket in-use. Read More
  Noise Control Case Studies
Tail End Pet Resort & Spa reduces noise and echo in various areas with All Noise Control Ceiling Baffles and quiets guests, pleases the patrons owners' all while creating a quieter work environment for employees Read More
  Dell Noise Control
Repeat orders from Dell's facility in Round Rock TX demonstrates quality product and dependable service by All Noise Control Read More
  University Noise Control
Turning a gymansium into a sound lecture hall in a Virginia University is a large undertaking. Univ. of Appalachia has success with All Noise Control Ceiling Baffles Read More.
  Wall Panels

Intel solves server rack noise within internal computer lab room. Read More experiences serious echo & reverberation problems in telemarketing room. The All Noise Control solution improves call volume, sales and worker productivity! Read More
Esquire Magazine requires a confidential meeting room and looks to All Noise Control to meet their corporate needs. Read More
The largest research facility in the world, IBM's Thomas J Watson headquarters in NY needs versatile material for office and equipment enclosures.... Read More
Corolla Noise Control.... Read More
University of Florida finds an economic resolution for echo problems in office.... Read More 
University of Michigan's Band Room Needs Harmony Restored...Read More
  Noise problems
Noise problems from office to office within Syracuse Research Facility....Read More
  noise problems
Texas Middle School, uses ANC ceiling baffles to deal with noise problems in their gymnasium. Solution resulted in a more enjoyable, useful gym. Read More
  Noise Control Issue
US Coast Guard Effectively Resolves Their Noise Control Issue of Noise Travelling Through Double Doors.... Read More
  sound transmission problems
Boeing Arizona Facility deals with shared office & work area sound transmission problems. Read More
Airport HVAC System Soundproofing Read More
  Lab Soundproofing
Lab Soundproofing...Read More
  acoustic wall panels
MOCA Musuem in Florida quiets art exhibit with ANC acoustic wall panels....Read More
  Art Noise Control.
Maine Museum of Art Noise Control... Read More
  Foam Panels
NASA Needs Top Fire Rated Foam Panels for Test Cells Read More
  noise control problems
Fear Factor Stage in Orlando Universal Studios had frightening noise control problems. All Noise Control solution helped contain the noise within the stage Read More
  Wall Panels for Soundproofing Solution
Thomasville Methodist Multipurpose Gym & Stage Area Uses Wall Panels for Soundproofing Solution to Reduce Reverberation, Noise & Improve Speech Intellgibility.. Read More
  Echo Problem
Family Life Church Quiest Sanctuary Room and Rids Themselves of Echo Problem. Read More
  improved sound quality
Sancturay of Central Christian Church receives aesthetic boost and improved sound quality....Read More
  isolate noise
Northwest Natural Gas Company needs to isolate noise disturbing surrounding farms & residential areas....Read More
  noise traveling through pipes
Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire needs to drop equipment noise traveling through pipes to within OSHA guidelines Read More
  Heavy Construction Machinary
World-wide Manufacturing Leader of Industrial Heavy Construction Machinary & Equipment Needs Industrial Strength Acoustic Machinary Enclosures.... Case Study
  GE Equipment Noise
GE Equipment Noise vs Health and Safety of their workers. Problem solved with ANC Acoustic Blanket and Curtain systems. Read More
  Acoustical Composites quiets Compressor Station
Acoustical Composites quiets Compressor Station... Read More
  Air Compressor Noise Control.
Air Compressor Noise Control....Read More
  Chiller Noise Control.
Chiller Noise Control... Read More
  Construction Noise Control.
Construction Noise Control.... Read More
Excelon's Limerick Generating Plant Installs Acoustic Blanket & Curtain System Enclosure for Excessive Generator Noise.... Read More
  Soundproofing for Shared Condominium Walls
Contractor of Residential Needs Soundproofing for Shared Condominium Walls.... Read More
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