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Industrial Noise Control

All Noise Control manufactures a broad range of high performing noise control products and noise control systems and structures used to solve the most common to the most unusual and complex noise control applications.

Industrial noise control options are listed below.  We have worked with many industrial plant engineers, safety coordinators, and plant managers to solve their industrial noise control problems. 

Common noisy equipment such as Vacuums, blowers, vacuum pumps, stamping presses, air handling units and many others have been successfully treated with the below listed options.  Many of the options available come in standard dimensions to accomodate industrial facility budgets and tight time constraints.  eNoise Control can also provide recommendations and product sales for custom products that are engineered for your specific sound control application.

Our engineered noise control solutions provide noise control solutions for plant managers to solve their industrial noise control problems.  Common noisy equipment such as Vacuums, industrial generators, blowers, vacuum pumps, stamping presses, air handling units and many others have been successfully treated with the below listed options.

Custom Industrial Noise Control Solutions:

- Noise Control Blankets

- Noise Control Enclosure

- Noise Control Absorbers

- Noise Control Barrier Composite

- Noise Control Barrier

- Noise Control Baffles

- Industrial Noise Control Pipe & Duct Wraps

Noise control Blankets

Industrial Noise Control Blankets effective way of noise reduction in machinery, pumps, Vacuums and anything that requires noise control. Noise Control blankets great solution for Industrial Noise Control.

Noise Control Blanket Enclosure

Noise Control Blanket enclosures offer high levels of noise control and noise reduction. From HVAC units to large computers, office equipment or generators. Pipes, electrical devices, generators or Vacuums, all can be enclosed and their noises isolated by custom enclosures which will quiet their surroundings and prevent other complicated noise issues from starting.

Noise Control Blanket Enclosures for In Plant Application


The loudest & most abusive environments - Within the In-Plant market sites are constantly re-tooling machines, moving equipment, installing equipment. Worker safety and OSHA regulations are key. In-Plant facilities require flexible and durable materials for the huge variety of applications and noise control needs they come across day to day.

Noise Control Absorbers

Industrial Quilted Noise Control Fiberglass Absorbers are soft, porous, open celled materials that are used to reduce the reflection of sound waves. As a result, reverberation time and ambient noise levels are reduced thereby improving communication in a variety of applications. They are lightweight and flexible with a Class A flammability rated products can be supplied as wall panels, ceiling baffles, banners or ceiling clouds.

Noise Control Barrier Composite

Industrial Noise control Blanket Composites offer maximum noise reduction on any application by combining sound absorption and noise barrier materials. Industrial Noise control Blanket are available in a barrier backed or barrier septum configuration utilizing a variety of quilted fiberglass absorbers and flexible noise barriers. Barricade sound absorption/noise barrier sound curtains are supplied as roll goods, enclosure systems, acoustical jackets and die cut pieces

Excellent Soundproofing performance - STC ratings up to 32 - NRC ratings up to 1.05 - Class A flammability ratings - Flexible composites conform to any shape

Flexible Noise Control Barriers

Industrial noise control barriers are loaded vinyl barriers that combine mass, flexibility and limpness to block noise from transmitting from one area to another. They are available clear, non-reinforced, and reinforced in a variety of weights and styles to meet a multitude of applications. The reinforced barrier is available in tan, blue, or gray.

Reinforced barriers have excellent UV and weather resistance - Used in industrial, commercial, construction, residential and OEM applications - Used to improve the transmission loss in standard walls - Use as roll away curtains or cross talk barriers

Industrial Acoustical Pipe and Duct Wraps

Industrial Noise Control Pipe & Duct Wraps are mass loaded noise control barriers with a reinforced foil facing on one side that allows for installation of matching lag tape. Pipe & Duct Wrap Lag is available with a 1" or 2" quilted fiberglass decoupler. Standard rolls are 54'' wide x 30' long. Typical used to wrap noisy pipes and ducts to block the noise that transmits through the walls of the pipe or duct as air or other contents move through it as well as to increase the sound absorption in the cavity. It also provides sound absorption and thermal insulation around the pipe or ductwork. The 2" thick quilted fiberglass absorber improves low frequency acoustical performance. Use to wrap noisy pipes, ducts, valves, and fan housing.

Ideal for duct systems running over conference rooms, offices, and hospital rooms  - Easily installed - 54'' x 30' rolls - Class A flammability


Noise control Blankets

Industrial Noise Control

Noise Control Enclosure ndustrial Noise Control wrapbarrier Noise control for AC
Noise Enclosure Outside Noise Control Construction Noise control
Noise Enclosure Noise control Equipment enclosure Noise Control Blankets
Construction Noise Enclosure Construction Noise Control Blankets Noise Control Curtains
ndustrial-noise-control-baffles industrial noise control blanket construction noise control inplant enclosure
Industrial Noise Control Industrial Noise Barrier
Noise Barrier Composite Acoustical Banners

All Noise Control provides the most durable and high quality noise control materials that are the building blocks of successful noise control projects.

We manufacture custom temporary or permanent sound mitigation systems to address your noise issue.  All of our systems are structurally engineered to meet current codes.  Let All Noise Control identify, develop, and install a noise or vibration reducing system or product at your plant, refinery, production or manufacturing complex to meet your noise and vibration needs to help ensure that all current Health and Safety codes are being addressed.

- Plants (Electrical/Gas/Refinery
- Machinery/ Generators/Conveyors
- Pipe & Take Wrap
- Custom Enclosures/Curtains/ Baffles

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