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All Noise Control Resources & Acoustic Education
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Noise Control Baffles

a cost effective acoustical solution

All Noise Control carries a complete line of Acoustic Baffles for a variety of noise control issues. The need for Baffles can be found in a host of environments from institutions, to commercial spaces, factories and plants, auditoriums and more. Acoustic Baffles are a noise absorbtion material that helps dissipate sound waves reducing echo, reverberation and improving other acoustic properties.

Acoustical Ceiling
Acoustical Ceiling & Wall Mount Baffles

All Noise Control acoustic ceiling baffles are the best to solve any reverberation problems, in any large space. Our acoustical ceiling baffles are lightweight, Class A fire-rated and available in various colors and sizes to meet any acoustical needs.

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Fiberglass Coated
Fiberglass Coated Industiral Barricade Baffles
Barricade Baffles consist of a vinyl coated fiberglass cloth facing on both sides of a nominally 2" thick quilted fiberglass absorber. 

Sizes: 4' x 2' & Custom
Grommeted with different stitching patterns available.

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Waterproof Baffles
Waterproof Baffles
2'x4' fiberglass baffles which are Class A fire rated and have a unique moisture resistant ability. Great for reverberation problems in areas that have water and moisture. Applications such as childcare facilities, kennels, gymnasiums, industrial and printing plants, wet rooms etc. Great for high humidty applications as well.

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Acoustic Foam Baffle
Acoustic Foam Hanging Baffle

24" x 48" acoustic baffles made of foam material, an excelleng absorption material to reduce echo and reverberation. Custom sizes to help acheive NRC needed for your noise control.

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Foarm FireFlex Hanging Baffle

One of the most popular noise absorbers... this featured contour profile helps trap industrial sound sources dead. Open cell & surface area of foam maximizes echo. Thickness: 2", 3" & 4"

Can't find the right acoustic baffle for your acoustic needs? Remember many of our products come custom sizes, finishes and with other custom elements. We are sure we have just the right baffle or custom baffle for you and would love for you to call us at 561-964-9360.

Unsure if you found your soundproofing solution? Call us right away at 1-561-964-9360 or fill out our contact form here.

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