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Offices Noise Control & Soundproofing Solutions


Office Designs for Noise Reduction

Proper office design will factor in the sound levels within the office space and determine where office noise reduction materials are needed. Office noise reduction requires the use of absorptive materials to reduce sound levels within the office space. Fabric wrapped and sound absorbing wall panels are commonly used in office design. Soundproofing products such as Sound Barrier and door seal kits can also be used in office deign to increase privacy and security in executive offices, treatment rooms and conference rooms. Office spaces with good acoustical conditions result in higher employee productivity and a happier, more efficient office environment.

Corporate and Commercial spaces do share many of the same needs regarding noise control and sound isolation. Corporate offices require in general a much quieter sound solution. Whether it is equipment noise intruding into work areas, conference rooms requiring ultimate privacy or just noise levels from office work and calls. Solving these acoustics within the corporate market will increase office productivity, make it a healthier, happier and less fatigued workplace.

Acoustics studies the sound and how it behaves in various environments. Sound effects such as absorption, reflection, refraction or interference are also studied by acoustics. The broad acceptance of the term ‘acoustics’ refers to all the aspects of sound. Until not long ago, the notions ‘acoustics’ and ‘sound’ referred to waves and elastic vibrations that humans could hear. However, in the twentieth century, the development of technology and science has led to the broadening of the field of acoustics, in that it now comprises aspects not directly related to the hearing process, such as intensities and frequencies which are above or below the audible limits of humans.

The office environment is a place for many acoustic challenges and Office noise control is a must for a quiet environments in which employees can concentrate and be efficient in their work. Soundproofing materials play an important part in office noise control, since other methods have failed to show efficiency. Not only are soundproofing materials a useful barrier in blocking noise, but there are also excellent in appearance. Soundproofing materials add an aesthetical touch to your place of work, not to mention that they are fire rated.

Noise Control Materials used in office environments include:

  • Acoustical foams
  • Soundproofing and Isolation products materials
  • Vinyl Sound Barrier
  • wall panels
  • ceilingbaffles
  • ceiling tiles
  • acoustic blanket
  • barrier composite
  • wrap barrier

Soundproofing Case Study:

One of the Esquire Magazines executive offices required soundproofing for confidentiality. The office was the meeting place for strategic confidential sessions. Esquire needed minimal sound transmission material as the main issue was the sound escaping the rooms through the ceiling tiles and walls.

The ANC-CBF22 ceiling tile barrier installs immediately above the existing ceiling tile reducing the sound transmission through the space above the ceiling tiles and through the materials. Sound travels along materials and its reverberation carries that sound through the ceiling grids and suspension ties. The ceiling tile barrier reduces this effect due to its mass and density.

For the walls, the ANC-3500 wall panels with vinyl barrier were used which served as a double function to stop sound through the walls and absorb the echo and noise inside the room. Less echo and sound inside the room means weaker sound transmission through materials used in the construct of the office.

The two products installed in unison created better speech intelligibility inside the room creating very balanced acoustics and the ultimate in privacy. Attendees using the room “heard” the privacy and the acoustic balance resulting in more comfortable future meetings.

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