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Noise Control Construction Materials

All Noise Control offers Noise Control Construction solutions for the biggest construction site’s to small residential projects. Our composite products reduce noise transmitting from the source of the construction site.

Our acoustic enclosures can be used standalone or in conjunction with concrete barriers, can be supplied with “hoistable” frames for jack hammer noise, even hung from overhead highway structures or fastened to plywood walls on a construction site.These enclosures are incredibly durable, rugged, cost-effective and re-usable. These properties make it a simple decision to incorporate these into construction projects.

Partial soundproofing enclosures can still offer noise reduction of 15 dB(A) + while only having 2, 3 or a 4 sided (without roof) enclosure.


Sound Curtains Exterior Grade Noise Control– Call our sound specialist today to discuss details on custom engineered acoustic enclosures for your application.


Situation: Sand blasting and repainting the 248’ tall water tower; and refurbishing water fountain area while classes are in session.

ANC Solution: ANC-AB110 Exterior Grade Sound Curtains specified—ANC-AB13X-2’’ for water tower higher wind exposure areas, ANC-AB110-EXT-N-2’’ for lower water tower areas and water fountain area.

ANC-BBC-13X-2’’ Sound Curtain Panels combine the benefits of both a Noise Barrier (Rated in STC) and a Sound Absorber (Rated in NRC) in one product. This product utilizes a durable, tear resistance reinforced noise barrier with a vinyl faced.

  • Class A flammability rated
  • 2-inch thick vinyl faced quilted fiberglass absorber
  • Fabricated with grommets across top and bottom and exterior grade Velcro seams along edges
  • Acoustical Ratings: STC 32, NRC .85


ANC-AB110-EXT-N Sound Curtain Panels combine money saving non-reinforced noise barrier with a UV and tear resistant exterior grade faced quilted fiberglass sound absorber.

  • For use on construction sites
  • 1lb. psf or 2 lb. psf non-reinforced noise barrier
  • 1’’-thick or 2’’-thick quilted fiberglass sound absorber
  • STC values ranging from 27 to 38 o NRC values ranging from .70 to .85


These Sound absorptive panels feature our UV and tear resistant exterior grade faced quilted fiberglass sound absorber sewn with a Gore Tenera thread.

  • 1-inch, 2-inch, or 4-inch thick
  • NRC values ranging from .65 to .95
  • Exterior grade facing on one or both sides
  • Superior UV resistance

All Noise Control Curtain Panels are used for both permanent and construction site noise control. Our modular Sound Curtainsoffer noise control that is simple, cost effective, and proven to work.

  • Reduce outdoor construction and/or community noise
  • High actual noise reduction up to 20 dB(A)
  • Economical alternative to rigid acoustical panel systems
  • Easily installed, relocated, or modified Flexible configurations to suit your needs for easy set-up, easy maneuverability.
  • Custom engineered systems for any application o Durable and washable
  • A variety of colors o Designs blend with landscape
  • Comply with city noise codes
  • Avoid litigation from neighbors
  • End costly delays and work stoppages due to noise

Outdoor Curtains Installations

Noise Control Applications:
acoustic panels

It’s called “The Big Dig”. Boston’s Central Artery and Harbor Tunnel project is the largest highway construction job ever undertaken in the United States…at a cost over $11 billion dollars!

One sensitive issue of such a significant project is how construction noise will impact local businesses and residences.

Quincy Marketplace, a unique, open-air collection of restaurants, shops and offices, is located adjacent to a section of the project requiring working underneath an overhead highway. Read More




Situation: Repainting bridge work. Compressors and generators located below bridge disturbing community.

ANC Solution: ANC-AB13X-2’’ Sound Curtain panels to enclose equipment.

Who is All Noise Control?

All Noise Control has been a leader in the acoustics field, offering a complete line of soundproofing and noise control products for industrial, architectural, construction, and HVAC markets. Our product lines can be installed in almost any location, and include

  • Block Sound Outside
  • Absorb Sound Inside
  • Wood Ceilings
  • Wood Wall Panels
  • Acoustical Wall Panels o Ceiling Panels
  • Acoustical Floor Underlayment’s
  • Acoustic Pipe and Duct Wraps o Noise Barriers
  • Sound Curtains

With the widest product selection in the soundproofing industry, and sound control solutions for every type of noise problem, our expert staff is available to advise you about product selection and installation.

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Acoustic Applications

  • Class 1 Public Buildings
  • Industrial Plants
  • In plant Offices
  • Loud, stationary Noise Sources
  • Enclosable Noise Sources
  • Outdoor Noise Sources
  • Vacuums
  • Printing Presses
  • Drills
  • Machine Enclosure Curtains
  • In plant Noise Baffles
  • HVAC Applications
  • Stamping Presses
  • Conveyors
  • Pipe and Duct Jackets
  • In plant Noise Curtains
  • OEM Applications
  • Auditoriums
  • Reusable
  • Modular panels designed to mate together