Industrial Noise Control

Industrial noise control is a growing concern in factories, industrial sites, manufacturing and mining facilities. The goal for industrial noise control is to promote hearing conservation while reducing noise levels for personnel to protect employees from hearing loss and increase industrial safety within the facilities.

Companies are required to comply with industrial safety noise levels within OSHA requirements or other governmental or insurance agency requirements.

Acoustical enclosures and machinery enclosures are a very common treatment for industrial noise control requirements. Acoustical Solutions custom fabricates all of their industrial enclosures to meet the requirements of the environment that it is going into.

The acoustical and machinery enclosures are typically made from AudioSeal acoustical blankets. These are very durable vinyl quilted blankets that can be suspended or floor mounted to form any type of industrial enclosure. Metal machinery enclosures are also available.

Noise reduction is achieved with the use of:

Case Studies

Boeing Corporation solves noise issues in testing facility with Acoustic Blanket Material. Read Boeing’s case study here.
Excelon’s Limerick Generating Plant quiets industrial generator with All Noise Control Acoustic Blanket & Curtain System In-Plant enclosure. Read the acoustical solution here.
GE Aviation contacted All Noise Control to help them solve noise control issues in their Plant located in Mcallen, TX. After discussing their application All Noise Control provided GE Aviation with a solution of ANC-AB12 to block and absorb noise coming from their mechanical equipment and through several openings. Read GE Aviation Case Study here
US Coast Guard uses the All Noise Control Acoustic Blanket Door Panels to keep factory noise isolated from administration facility. Read the Acoustic Door Cover case study here.

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