ABCs of Noise Control Materials

Noise Absorption Sound absorbers are soft, porous, open-celled materials such as foam sheets or fiberglass blankets and baffles that reduce the reflection of sound waves. Their sound absorption efficiency is rated by a “NRC” number – Noice Reduction Coefficient*. The HIGHER the NRC rating, the more EFFICIENT the product is at absorbing noise.
*NRC is a sound absorption rating. It measures a percentage of how much sound will not be reflected back from where it came. Based on a range from .05 to 1.0, where a NRC of 1.0 means that all the sound energy that hits that product passes through it and does not “bounce” back to its source. A NRC of .60 would reflect 40% of the sound back to the source and let 60% of the noise pass through it.

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Marine Acoustics for motors

What options are there for blocking noise from i/o boat motors

Marine products need to be produced to withstand the harsh marine environments. Our
best product would be Vibration Damping & Noise Tiles . While these are widely used underneath equipment to reduce equipment vibration, they can also be cut and layered inside compartments and tucked into tight spots to deal with engine noise and the added benefit of helping vibrations where equipment may be touching or close to touching. A similair product and just as durable is our mass loaded vinyl barrier. This can be affixed to the compartment and areas surrounding

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