Ceiling Soundproofing

Ceiling Soundproofing

Sharing your living space with neighbors itself is a daunting experience but the struggle with noise from the neighbors living above is the biggest  nightmare one can face, Kids and pets playing  and running around upstairs, footsteps that can be heard clearly, voices and tv  noise sounds like neighbors living in the same room with you can ruin your peace of mind and joy of living in your own private space.

As most of the hard floors are connected to subfloor and ceiling below is screwed to the bottom of the same level joist. The impact of the footsteps create vibrations which travel through everything that is connected. Sound Proofing products like  Mass Loaded Vinyl or Green Glue Dampening Compound Can improve and reduce airborne noises significantly but can not mitigate vibration created by food steps. Sound Isolation products are the simplest solution for successfully breaking the connection between upstairs and downstairs for better Sound Proofing.

All Noise Control has different solutions for different ceiling types in homes, for offices, Commercial spaces, existing buildings or new construction projects.


By replacing your existing tiles with ANC  Acoustical Ceiling Tiles or by installing these directly in a new project, you can  Successfully improve noise control performance in your building.


Sound issues in Existing or New Suspended ceiling can be improved by installing custom made  ANC  Blocker Ceiling Tiles or High NRC tiles.


Acoustical Ceiling Tile Barrier lowers sound transmission as well as reducing reverberation. Additional soundproofing enhancement can be achieved for new and existing ceilings already using ceiling tiles & grids.

Combining ANC  Ceiling Tile Barrier with ANC Acoustic tiles will sure to give you the ideal, cost-effective,  industrial strength solution for Industrial and Office space.

All Noise Control provides consultations and comprehensive solutions for Sound and Acoustical issues anywhere, be it a home, office, apartment complex, home theater, recording studios, Our Acoustic Experts are always available to assist and guide you.

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