Industrial Noise Barrier

Within the industrial markets noise barrier controls are a completely necessary acoustic material in battling noise control and noise safety issues.

Do you need to solve any of these soundproofing issues?

  • Equipment Noise – Vacuum noise, heat pump noise and so on..
  • Meeting OSHA & Worker Safety noise requirements
  • Industrial HVAC/Piping Noise
  • Heavy Construction Noise
  • Generator Noise & Vibration
  • Water Plant & Treatment Facility noise (generators, piping)

Industrial noise is a global, large scale problem effecting our environment and safety of the community. Not only meeting legal requirements let alone providing your workers and the surrounding community with effective soundproofing solutions is critical. Solving your Industrial Noise Control problem with our industrial soundproofing barriers can be a complex task, which ALL Noise Control can simplify for you. Below is a list of our most popular industrial soundproofing noise barrier control materials and sample

Vinyl Sound Barrier – Mass Loaded Barricade Noise Barrier

This soundproofing noise barrier is the ultimate in noise control materials. This can be used pre or post construction and takes over the original “lead” material as a leading noise barrier.

Available in 1 lb. or 2 lb. rolls with STC of 27 (1lb ) & 32 (2lb).

Learn more about our Mass Loaded Barricade material.

Sound Curtain Noise Barriers

A top industrial noise control seller. Versatile, incredibly effective and simple to install. Custom room enclosures or equipment enclosures can be built from our soundproofing acoustic blanket material as well as hang grommets or Velcro to fasten to any ceiling, wall or surface. These durable soundproofing blankets come in portable screens, door panels, custom sizes and more for massive/large scale industrial & heavy construction or environmental/community soundproofing noise barrier applications. Reusable, durable and cost-effective. Standard industrial gray or now with fabric color options for aesthetics.
Learn more about our Acoustic Blankets.

Ceiling Tile Noise Barrier

Massive amounts of noise travels through ceilings, especially the hardware which fastens the ceiling such as hanging grids or steel beams etc. Our Soundproof Ceiling Tile Noise Barrier lays above an existing ceiling and is composed of melamine foam, mass loaded vinyl barrier with aluminized mylar facing. Class 1 Fire Rated product.
Visit our Ceiling Tile Noise Barrier page for information and usage diagram.

Noise Barrier Composites

Soundproofing Noise Barrier Composites and Foam Composites are another ideal noise blocking and soundproofing material. These are available in ¼” to 2″, in sheets / rolls, and can be used to soundproof any wall, ceiling or any opening excellent for use inside a machine enclosure, or any industrial equipment.
Learn more about all the Noise Barrier Composite materials.

Noise Barrier Wrap

All industrial facilities needs include noisy pipes and duct work Our Noise Barrier Wrap is an ideal acoustical soundproof wrap barrier delivering STC ratings of 26 to 30. Incredibly easy and cost effective to install makes it a simple decision to implement this into your noise barrier control plan in reducing industrial noise.
Visit our Noise Barrier Wrap for uses, sizes and options on solving your noisy pipes & duct work

Noise Barrier Data

Vinyl Sound Barrier Specs

Sound Curtains Specs

Ceiling Tile Barrier

Noise Barrier Wrap

Noise Barrier Applications

      • Refinery Noise
      • Power Plant Noise
      • Pump Noise Motor
      • NoiseIndustrial Plant Noise
      • Foundry Noise
      • Manufacturing Noise
      • Water/Waste Treatment Noise
      • VAC/Duct Noise
      • Piping Noise
      • Heavy Construction

Not sure which industrial noise barrier material meets your needs? Just call us, we’ll be happy to walk you through our products and solve your noise control problem.