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Prima Acoustic Solutions offers a wide selection of acoustical materials to suit every need. We manufacture Acoustic Room Kits as a Complete recording studio in a box, High-performance fabric covered acoustic panels which Includes easy-mount hardware and screws.  Acoustic Panels as a Fabric covered acoustic panels with resin hardened edges, Made from high-performance 6lb glass wool and Class-A/1 fire rated for safe use anywhere.

Room Kits

Acoustic Room Kits:
Complete recording studio in a box
Live-end, dead-end (LEDE) room design
High performance fabric covered acoustic panels
Includes easy-mount hardware and screws

Wall Panels

Acoustic Panels:
Fabric covered acoustic panels with resin hardened edges
Made from high performance 6lb glass wool
Balanced absorption down into the bass region
Class-A/1 fire rated for safe use

Bass Trap

Acoustical Bass Trap

Bass Trap Kit:
Corner-mounted for optimal performance
Attenuates room modes to smooth response
17″ deep cavity absorbs bass down to 100Hz
Class-1/A fire rated for safe use in any facility

Ceiling Panels

acoustical ceiling panels

Ceiling Panels:
High-performance ceiling clouds in various shapes
Aesthetically pleasing designs fit in any room
Easy to install
Eliminate echo to improve intelligibility
Available in White may be painted to suit décor

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Acoustic Applications
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