Acoustic Blanket Material

Acoustic Blankets are also called soundproofing blankets and are custom made in any size required (custom slits, holes patches, windows, strip curtains and more can more can be sewn in to your order).

Our Soundproofing Blankets are in general broken into 2 main acoustical products groups:

Sound Absorbing Blankets re reducing noise by absorbing sound. Blankets are used in industrial plants, manufacturing, gymnasiums, auditoriums, construction sites and many other spaces.

Noise Barrier Blankets are sound barrier to absorb and block sound. Noise Barrier Blankets used in industrial plants, manufacturing, construction sites and many other spaces.

Acoustic blankets are grommeted across their tops and Velcro down both sides for interconnection. Boasting average 20 to 40+ decibel level drops, these self hanging blankets are suspended either from a ceiling or floor mounted frame.

Acoustic Blankets & Sound Curtains

Please visit the products below for individual specs and soundproofing material properties.

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Soundproofing Acoustic Blanket Non-Reinforced Standard
Available in 2″ or 3″ thicknesses. Fiberglass quilted soundproofing blanket with vinyl non-reinforced barrier internally sewn in.

  • ANC-AB12: 1 lb 2 inch thick acoustic blanket*
  • ANC-AB13: 1 lb 3 inch thick acoustic blanket (*n)
  • ANC-AB22: 2 lb 2 inch thick acoustic blanket (*n)
  • ANC-AB23: 2 lb 3 inch thick acoustic blanket (*n)
High Temperature Soundproofing Acoustic Blanket Non-Reinforced
Just as our standard soundproofing blanket above but with silicone-coated 1″ thick fiberglass blankets it’s temperature range is -90° to +550° F allowing this to be ideal for high temperature applications and those where UV resistance is also important.

  • ANC-AB12-HT: non-reinforced 1lb psf sandwiched between two 1″ silicone-coated fiberglass blankets (*n)
Soundproofing Acoustic Blanket Reinforced Standard
Available in 1 ” or 2 ” thicknesses. Vinyl-coated-cloth fiberglass facing on quilted fiberglass that is bonded to reinforced loaded soundproofing vinyl barrier.

  • ANC-AB11V: 1″thick acoustic blanket with 1lb vinyl barrier (*n)
  • ANC-AB12V: 1″ thick 2 lb acoustic blanket with 1lb vinyl barrier (*n)
Sound Absorbing CompositesNoise Barrier
ANC BBC-13X offers the benefits of both a noise barrier and a sound

absorber for outdoor applications.

Outdoor Weatherproof Acoustic Blanket
Available in 1″ or 2″ thicknesses. Fiberglass quilted blanket with vinyl reinforced barrier internally sewn in. Also resin coated for water and weather resistance for outdoor, moist or wet applications.

Barricade Quilted Fiberglass Absorber
Available in 1″, 2″ or 3″ thicknesses. Fiberglass quilted blanket, also known as our barricade baffle. Ceiling or wall mount applications

(This is our AB1 without vinyl barrier )

Outdoor Weatherproof Acoustic Blanket
Available in 1″, 2″ or 3″ thicknesses. Same as above AB2, but with resin coating for water / weather resistant Soundproofing applications.

Exterior Weatherproof Long Term Sound Curtains – non-reinforced
Exterior Weatherproof Sound Curtains An economic non-reinforced 1-LB psf loaded vinyl barrier is bonded to exterior grade vinyl-coated-polyester faced quilted fiberglass absorber.

Exterior Weatherproof Long-term Reinforced Sound Curtains
This barrier-backed Soundproofing product consists of an exterior grade, UV resistant heavy-duty faced quilted fiberglass absorber bonded to a reinforced loaded vinyl barrier.

Soundproofing Door Blanket – Quilted Fiberglass Absorber
Our AB2 blanket trimmed and finished to standard door sizes. Doors & windows are some of the larger factors in noise transmission issues.

Acoustic Blanket & Curtain Hardware

Acoustic Blankets as Large Scale, Specialty & Noise Applications

The versatility of our noise reduction blankets is just about unlimited. Below we note which blanket is used for particular sample and specialty applications.

The size or location of the your application, or the level of unwanted noise is truly no match for our noise reduction blanket materials. Our barriers are highly noise absorbent and designed to absorb unwanted sound reflection in a variety of applications.

Noise Blanket Equipment Enclosures

Noise Control Blanket Equipment Enclosures

Isolate equipment noise before it becomes a problem

From HVAC units to large computers, office equipment or generators. Pipes, electrical devices, generators or Vacuums, all can be enclosed and their noises isolated by custom enclosures which will quiet their surroundings and prevent other complicated noise issues from starting.

Industrial enlosure

Blanket Enclosures for In Plant Application

Acoustic Blanket Enclosures for In Plant Application

The loudest & most abusive environments

Within the In-Plant market sites are constantly re-tooling machines, moving equipment, installing equipment. Worker safety and OSHA regulations are key. In-Plant facilities require flexible and durable materials for the huge variety of applications and noise control needs they come across day to day.

Blankets for Heavy Construction Applications

Acoustic Blankets for Heavy Construction

Roaring engines, beeps, gears, banging etc etc

Outdoor versions of our blankets are built for these conditions. Some of the largest construction and engineering companies order our AB1-110 and AB-220 Outdoor Blankets from us. Reinforced, coated and protected to deal with the high abuse and caustic environment of commercial large scale construction projects.

Noise Blanket & Curtain Outdoor Applications

Acoustic Curtains for Outdoor Applications

Toxic fumes, wind, rain and unbelievably loud engines.

Our outdoor versions of noise reduction blankets are built to withstand it all.

Can be used in virtually any outdoor installation, for crowd noise, to block roads and highways noise, construction and outdoor venues to quiet noise from reaching neighborhoods.



Noise Blankets Solve Industrial Size Noise Problems

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Acoustic Blanket Product Case Studies

Dynamic Testing Equipment effectively resolves their noise control issue with Soundproofing Blankets. Read Dynamic Testing Equipment case study here.

Boeing Corporation solves noise issues in testinacoustic-blanket-curtain-system-enclosure-for-excessive-generator-nog facility with Acoustic Blanket Material. Read Boeing’s case study here.

Exception’s Limerick Generating Plant quiets industrial generator with All Noise Control Acoustic Blanket & Curtain System In-Plant enclosure. Read the solution here.

The Shimmery Inc Effectively Resolves Their Soundproofing Issue with Soundproofing Blankets. Read Soundproofing Case Study here

GE Aviation contacted All Noise Control to help them solve noise control issues in their Plant located in Mcallen, TX. After discussing their application All Noise Control provided GE Aviation with a solution of ANC-AB12 to block and absorb noise coming from their mechanical equipment and through several openings. Read GE Aviation Case Study here

US Coast Guard uses the All Noise Control Acoustic Blanket Door Panels to keep factory noise isolated from administration facility. Read the Acoustic Door Cover case study here.

Noise Reduction with ANC-AB12 for a Busy Mold Control Company Read Here

Acoustical Blankets helps Café Asia, a bustling and frequently noisy restaurant and bar to block sound Read Here

Acoustical Blankets

Soundproofing affects sound in two different ways: Noise reduction and noise absorption.

Noise reduction simply blocks the passage of sound waves through the use of distance and intervening objects in the sound path.

Noise absorption operates by transforming the sound wave. Noise absorption involves suppressing echoes, reverberation, resonance and reflection. The damping characteristics of the materials it is made out of are important in noise absorption. The wetness or moisture level in a medium can also reflect sound waves, significantly reducing and distorting the sound traveling through it, making moisture an important factor in soundproofing.

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