Acoustic In-Plant Enclosure

soundproofing enclosures

Acoustic In-Plant Enclosures are an incredibly versatile acoustic solution for industrial/manufacturing type ( in-plant )applications.

Our In-Plant enclosures are available both as partial or complete acoustic enclosures. These acoustic enclosures can be suspended, hung from the ceiling, floor mounted, wall mounted or suspended from roof decking.




soundproofing enclosures

For maximum noise reduction ( 20 db(A) + ), we recommend complete enclosures. These complete enclosures still do offer different configurations for visibility, ventilation and adequate access.

Partial acoustic enclosures can still offer noise reduction of 15 db(A) + while only having 2, 3 or a 4 sided (without roof) enclosure.

Acoustic Blankets In-Plant brochure

Call our soundproofing specialist today to discuss details on custom engineered acoustic enclosures for your application.

soundproofing enclosures

acoustic blankets

acoustic blanketsacoustic blankets


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