Boeing Facility deals with Sound Transmission problems between work and office areas

Boeing Facility deals with Sound Transmission problems between work and office areas….


At one of Arizona These types of problems typically effect the tangent office areas in multiple ways including loss of productivity and danger of constant sound levels. All Noise Control was contacted to solve this problem.

After discussing and reviewing the sound issues, All Noise Control clearly saw this as a sound transmission control problem. Sound needed to be kept from transmitting from the work areas into neighboring office space. While absorbents would help in dealing with the sound levels, the problem was speciffically preventing the noise from interrupting the office work environment. All Noise Control’s AB-1, acoustic Blanket and Curtain systems were perfect fit for such a partion. The Acoustic Blankets, AB-1, boasting ranges of 15 to 20+ decibel level drops. These sturdy blankets can be suspended easily allowing them to fit into any existing environment from hardware or existing structures with grommets or acoustic blanket & curtain hardware.

The result was a quiet office that employees could focus and handle office calls, discussions and daily work more efficiently in a safer environment. Mr. Hoffpauir was pleased with the outcome and the acoustic solutions provided him at the Boeing Arizona facility.

We invite you to call All Noise Control at 561-964-9360 to discuss the noise control materials supplied to this particular facility and are just as happy to listen to your individual needs and supply you with a customized All Noise Control Solution. You may also visit our acoustic blanket and hardware systems page or our blanket enclosures page for more information at