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Soundproofing Piping and Acoustical Duct

Acoustical Sound Dampening Piping, Duct & HVAC Products for Soundproofing Industrial, Commercial & Office applications.

All Noise Control’s sound dampening acoustical duct products including flexible ducts, insulated flexible ducts and HVAC pipe wrap barrier materials.

All the products below are ideal for a wide range of Industrial, Commercial and Office applications to quiet HVAC noise, loud ducts and related noise issues to air control/heating and AC installations.

Acoustical sound dampening Pipe Wrap Barrier

Acoustical sound dampening Pipe Wrap BarrierUse our wrap barrier and achieve a 15 to 20 decibel level drop. Simply wrap lagging around noise duct or pipe work and fix with tamp or clamps and you have a low cost, very effective acoustical barrier solution for all piping and duct work noise issues.

Acoustical sound dampening acoustical Pipe Wrap Barrier

Sound Dampening High Velocity Attenuator

Sound Dampening High Velocity AttenuatorOur HVA Attenuator is designed to silence ducting at key intervals in air handling systems for sound attenuation and radiated noise reduction.

Sound Dampeningr

Flexible Acoustical Ducts

Flexible Acoustical DuctsWe now carry Flexible Acoustical Ducts, ANC-300V & ANC-300M have a fiberglass wrapped & insulated core with vapor barrier.

Sound Dampening Flexible Acoustical Ducts

Insulated Flexible Acoustical Ducts

Insulated Flexible Acoustical DuctsWe’ve just added Insulated Flexible Acoustical Ducts, with Poly vapor barrier and aluminized sleeved in fiberglass reinforced barriers.

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