Sound Diffusers & Sound Diffuser System

Ceiling Sound Pyramidal Diffuser System

The primary purpose of a Sound Diffusersl is to scatter the reflected sound into many directions, thus enhancing the sound diffusion within the room. Good diffusion leads to high-quality sound throughout the room.

Ceiling Sound Pyramid Diffusers are perfect for applications that require a high degree of sound diffusion, such as music rooms, band rooms, and concert halls. They are lightweight and easy to install in a standard ceiling grid or can be installed on walls with a 2 part clip system.

Pyramid Diffusers are constructed of high strength reinforced fiberglass molded in a one piece pyramid shape. Pyramid diffusers are finely tuned to reflect sound and are available in a standard white gel-coat finish or optional fabric covered.

A Molded in a one-piece offset inverted pyramidal shape which reduces flutter echo and eliminates floor to ceiling standing waves.

Molded in a one-piece offset inverted pyramidal shape.

Internal cavity can be lined with 1-1/2″ thick absorber layer of glass fiber batts.

Eliminates floor to ceiling standing waves

Reduces flutter echo

Physical Properties

Standard Size : 16” diameter X 48” high (Other lengths also available.)

Mounting : Wall or Drop into T-Bar Grid

Material: Termoplastic

Fire Rating: Class 1(A)

Finish: Guilford of Maine® FR701® 2100