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Acoustic Blanket show wrapped around small enclosure.

Acoustical Banners

Accoustical Banners Commercial

Acoustica; Banners Specs

Guilford Fabric Color Chart

PVC Color Chart

Sailcloth Color Chart

Acoustic Applications

  • Class 1 Public Buildings
  • Pools
  • OEM Applications
  • Auditoriums

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Acoustical Banners & Panel Systems for Sound Transmission Control

These ANC acoustical banners shall be located and spaced as detailed on reflected ceiling plans and/or detailed on the interior elevation drawings and as indicated on room finish schedule

Acoustic Banners are high efficiency flexible banners that provide exceptional sound absorption and are typically used in large rooms like gymnasiums or field houses.

Catenary Banners

Accoustical Banners Commercial

Acoustical Banners Specs

Banner Install Layout

Case Study

Baffle's Wall Installation

Acoustic Applications

  • Class 1 Public Buildings
  • Pools
  • OEM Applications
  • Auditoriums
Physical Properties

Cloth Cover: Aluminum vinyl coated fiberglass cloth

Thickness: 1" thick (4' x custom length)

Width: 48" (or custom)

Length: Custom

Geometric Shape: Rectangular

Surface Finish : PVC Perforated One Side

Core: 1# fiberglass

Fire Rating: passes ASTM E84 Class I fire rating passes FMVS S .302 and FAR 25.283

Flame Spread: 17.66

Edge Construction: Heat Sealed

Suspection Provision : (washer plates) (stiffeners) (cable)

Incombustability : Class "A" per ASTM E-84 25/0/50

Acoustical Performance : 0.70 N.R.C.

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