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Acoustical Ceiling Tile Barrier for Ceiling Noise Control Problems

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Barrier lowers sound transmission as well as reducing reverberation. Additional soundproofing enhancement for new and existing ceilings using ceiling tiles & grids

ANC-CB22 Acoustical Ceiling Tile Barrier has fiberglass backing, class 1 fire rated with 1 pound vinyl 1/8" thick with aluminized mylar facing. STC rating of 29

Our ceiling tile barriers are a cost effective, industrial strength soundproofing and noise control solution. You can use our ceiling tile barriers by laying it on top of existing commercial ceiling tiles with the fiberglass side down.

Combining this ceiling tile barrier with our acoustic ceiling tiles is sure to give you the ideal solution for industrial and office environments.

Ceiling Tile Barrier Features

1" Thick fiberglass backing, class 1 fire rated / Bonded with 1 pound vinyl / Aluminized Mylar Facing

STC ratings of 29

Easy to install



ANC-CB22 Barrier

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Data Specs

Installation Instructions:  This high STC Ceiling Tile Barrier is a an effective means to block sound transmission. The Ceiling Tile Barrier is placed behind any installed ceiling tile. This is a cost-effective solution to block sound transmission between offices and rooms.

Ceiling Tile Barrier Case Study

U.S. Embassy Moscow - Prevent sound transmission as well as reducing reverberation, the noise loss ability of existing acoustic ceiling tiles. . READ MORE

Noise problems from office to office within Syracuse Research Facility.. READ MORE

Confidential Office Space needs acoustic help..READ MORE

Noise Barrier Ceiling Tile Covers.

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