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Soundproofing Flexible Clear Vinyl - Sound Barrier Material Flexible Clear Soundproofing Vinyl Sound Barrier Material

Clear vinyl sound barriers control sound by blocking the transmission of sound energy and damping vibrations.

Industrial clear soundproofing vinyl noise barriers are transparent vinyl barriers that offer significant noise reduction while allowing for visibility and easy access.

Standard available weights include 1/2 lb psf, 3/4 lb psf, and 1 lb psf. Clear vinyl noise barriers are available in standard rolls measuring 4' wide x 60' long or strips.

Weight: 1# per square foot
Thickness: 1/8"
Available in 54" X 30' rolls

  • Excellent acoustical performance
  • Sound barrier characteristic up to STC-26
  • Three weights to choose from
  • Strong polyester-reinforced versions suitable for use in curtain systems and partitions in abusive industrial environments
  • Economical non-reinforced versions for applications such as pipe lagging or equipment wraps
  • Available in rolls or fabricated to your specifications

Used as view windows in acoustical curtain enclosures

Strip doors are used to allow easy access into acoustical curtain enclosures

Also used to reduce heat and cold loss between areas

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