Wall Soundproofing

Wall Soundproofing – When it comes to Sound blocking capability of a right wall, All Noise Control always encourages its clients not to accept anything lower than minimum compliance with local building codes. Reliable, proven products can give you outstanding results with the wall soundproofing and staying within your budget.

Wall Soundproofing


Sound Transmission Classification (STC) is referred to as a measurement of wall’s ability to block noise. A regular residential wall has an STC of 38-40, whereas A commercial wall may have STC 42-45

When you are constructing a new structure these are a few steps to follow to ensure an excellent soundproof wall assembly:

Step One: Fiberglass Insulation

  • Using fiberglass for insulation in the cavity, the thickness should be according to the depth of cavity.R-11 for 2×4 studs and
  • R- 19 for 2× 6 studs

Step Two: Vinyl Sound Barrier

  • On one side of the wall, install ANC Vinyl Sound Barrier, directly attached to studs,
  • Next, you will fit 5/8″ sheetrock over the barrier.
  • Vinyl soundproof barriers can also be installed between two sheetrock layers. A peel and stick version is also available to make it simple (attach vinyl barrier installation guide link)

Step Three:   Sealing

  • A good soundproofing is all about sealing all gaps. Every outlet box and switch box should be sealed by Tape or overlap the barrier edges or you can also use Putty Pads.
  • Any small gaps in the perimeter of the wall can be filled with Green Glue Sealant.

SoundProofing tips will help you achieve a good  soundproof wall remaining within your budget:

  • When using sheetrock, heavier is always better. A 5/8″ type X sheetrock is the minimum for producing good results.
  • To avoid a leak in the shared seam, Staggering sheetrock from one seam to another is a good approach.
  • Using  Tape or Seal tight Putty pads for switches in the wall is very good Idea to avoid any gaps or leaks.

You can always reach ANC for further guidelines and improvements in your project.