Acoustic Ceiling Baffles for Large space

Client: Aggressive Tooling, Inc

Aggressive Tooling, Inc has been providing quality fixtures and gages since 1987. They provide each phase from designing, building, tryout, support, technical service, and controls service in our facility.

All Noise Control:

All Noise Control supplies and custom manufacturers a wide variety of cost effective, high performance acoustical products for noise control in commercial, industrial, institutional markets as well as other specific markets like Houses of Worship.

Aggressive Tooling, Inc requirements were for a product that would absorb sound. They wanted to solve reverberation problems; in any large space, they were interested in installing something for the ceiling. They wanted something that would be economical to install and easy to maintain.

The main goal for All Noise Control was to find a product that applied to their requirements. All Noise Control introduced Aggressive Tooling, Inc with the Acoustic Ceiling Baffles. This product would help echo-like force and ambient noise levels in an upper area. This product is proven and effective to sound absorber and helps reduce reverberation. It is very inexpensive, the submission to install are simple, maintains as well.

The Acoustic Ceiling Baffle is a product that is lightweight, class (A) fire- rated and available in various colors, sizes to meet any acoustical needs. The thickness is 1.5” and it weight four pounds.

Aggressive Tooling, Inc was very pleased with the product that All Noise Control had for them. The acoustic ceiling baffle has completed the project, it sound absorption. The ceiling looks amazing, and they no longer have any noise issues.

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