Acoustical Curtains

Our beautiful, elegant acoustical curtains and drapes are custom made. Our curtains are for our clients’ commercial, scientific and residential use. The acoustic drapes are laboratory tested and field proven. Acoustic Curtains protect you from outside noise, provide privacy in certain environments and block light.

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Acoustical Curtains with our STC 20 liner reduces noise to about 60% less than what you were hearing before. The STC 20 liner is a powerful sound blocking lining to provide maximum sound protection. Acoustic Curtains can be used to cover windows, doorways and as room dividers. Our STC 20 liner can be made in any width and up to 9’ high.

Acoustic Curtains with STC 13 and STC 17 Our STC 13 & 17 liner are great for blocking speech, light, office environments and temperature! Acoustic Curtains are especially designed for where fire certification, light weight and multiple curtain constructions are required such as schools, hotels, and other public venues. STC 13 and 17 Curtains can be made in any width and up to 18’ high. We can use your fabrics or you can choose from our wide selection of beautiful fabrics. We can also retrofit existing curtain systems. We now offer STC 17 roller shades!

Acoustic Curtains  can also be constructed reduce reverberation and echo. Our Draperies have tested NRC values (up to 1.00 NRC) to provide precise acoustical control and flexibility. Acoustic Curtains work due to our unique combinations of fabrics, lining and construction.

All Acoustic Curtains are custom made to our clients’ specifications for size, type of construction and fabrics. We will help you choose the right curtain to achieve both the noise control and the best look for your environment and budget. We will also help you with get the right tracks and mounting hardware for your Acoustic Curtains.

Both our STC and Acoustic Acoustic Curtains can be made in a wide range of constructions including pleated, Ripplefold, flat panel, Roman shades and our new STC 17 roller shades.

Additionally, in response to requests from hospitals and doctors, we have developed a special Acoustic Hospital Cubicle Curtains to increase patient privacy. With all constructions the result is a very substantial drapery. This contributes to the sound absorbency and dampening qualities of Acoustic Curtains.

All Acoustic Curtains are hand made in the best drapery workroom in Florida, USA and we happily accommodate commercial and volume orders. You will be delighted with the quality of workmanship and finish.

Acoustical Curtains Data:

Acoustic Curtains

Lab Tests

STC 17 – STC Test Specs

STC 20  STC Test Specs

Sound Transmission Loss Test

Acoustic Curtains Hardware


Acoustic Curtains Color:

Acoustic Curtain Color PDF Chart


Lab Test Results

NRC Nova Suede French Pleat

NRC Nova Suede Double Sided

NRC Vara Velvet French Pleat

NRC Visa Velvet French Pleat

NRC Solitaire French Pleat

NRC Crescent Velour Pleat


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Residential, Condos
Classrooms (e.g. band practice rooms, special education classrooms)
Meeting/Conference rooms
Churches (stage, sanctuary, children’s rooms)
Home theaters
Dance studios