Controlling noise from adjoined spaces in typical

Another post by a visitor that will be sure to help anyone in shared commercial spaces with noise coming in from adjoined spaces which is a typical situation found in shared commercial and retail spaces

We are a massage therapy business and need to block the noise coming through the walls and across the drop ceiling from the business next door, which has loud screaming children and music.
Which would be the most effective way to block the noise, on their side of the wall or on our walls? Both sides of ceilings?
We need absoulte quiet for our business.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated!?
Thank you,?

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How to Sound Proof a Wall

Soundproofing a wall with products developed by All Noise Control maximizes the effectiveness of your soundproofing project. The following sound barrier materials are new wall construction and existing walls, interior walls or exterior walls. At any time during buying the product or during installation should a question arise, call (561) 964-9360

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