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Epoxy Floor Coating

Life Deck Specialty Coatings branded Top Coating Products for Industrial & Commercial Use


Product Description:

Floor Poxy Coatings Life Deck 100% solids epoxy and solvent based top coats are built to seal, protect, and beautify your surfaces. We offer a full line of products that perform in garages, kitchens, hangars, driveways, pool patios, walkways, interior concrete surfaces and a variety of additional applications. 

100% solids epoxy options can exhibit properties such as high chemical resistance, heat resistance, and high gloss retention.  Two component urethanes and polyureas are excellent top coats for their UV resistance and scratch resistance. Solvent based top coats are known for their gloss retention and are great solutions for industrial flooring. Two component top coats (consisting of a resin and hardener) present durable, decorative and protective solutions for all flooring types. Please contact a Life Deck support agent at Floor Poxy Coatings for more information, a 1 on 1 consultation, or demo. 

Floor Poxy - 3300 - Epoxy Floor Coating

Product Description:

Enhance your flooring by utilizing the formidable epoxy floor coating capabilities of FloorPoxy’s 3300. If you are renovating your home garage or rejuvenating a commercial area, this epoxy floor option provides an ideal combination of resilience and aesthetic appeal. Plus, its versatility and user-friendly application make it a perfect choice for both flooring professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Prepare yourself for exquisite and durable flooring that may be effortlessly achieved using FloorPoxy’s 3300 Epoxy Floor Coating

Floor Poxy - 3100 - Epoxy Floor Coating

Product Description:

Transform your floors with superior resilience. FloorPoxy’s 3100 Epoxy Floor Coating provides a long-lasting, high-performance solution ideal for demanding environments. This industrial-strength formula offers exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance, creating a smooth, easy-to-clean surface – perfect for garage floor coatings and various epoxy floor covering applications.

Floor Poxy - 9700 - Fast-dry (1-2 Hr) Polyaspartic Polyurea

Product Description:

Discover the benefits of quick curing times with FloorPoxy’s 9700 Fast-Dry Polyaspartic Polyurea. This Polyurea Coating provides excellent durability and chemical resistance, making it perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic. Healing in only 1-2 hours, 9700 reduces time without use and guarantees a smooth return to full functionality. Upgrade your project with the power and efficiency of FloorPoxy’s 9700 Fast-Dry Polyaspartic Polyurea.

Floor Poxy - 9750 - Medium-dry (4-5 Hr) Polyaspartic Polyurea

Product Description:

Introducing the 9750 Medium-Dry Polyaspartic Polyurea, a revolutionary Flooring Sealer perfect for busy spaces. This Polyurea Flooring Coating combines superior durability with a faster drying time (around 4-5 hours) – ideal for projects that need a quick turnaround without sacrificing strength. This makes the 9750 Polyaspartic Polyurea a perfect choice for high-traffic zones like garages, warehouses, and showrooms.

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