Soundproofing Installation Instructions: Acoustical Pipe Lagging

Installation Instructions: Acoustical Pipe Lagging

(ANC-WB-21 and ANC-WB42)

1.  Determine the circumference of the duct or pipe to be wrapped. Note additional length required to accommodate thickness of material. Add 2–4 inches overlap of product onto itself. (Note: Quilted Fiberglass side goes up against the Duct or Pipe)

2.  Utilizing standard 54″ wide rolls, cut length as determined above.

3.  After cutting piece from roll install first section on the duct or pipe. Drape the cut piece over the pipe or duct with equal parts of the product hanging over each side. One side is then brought up and adhered to the pipe or duct with a foil lag tape. The other side is then brought up, making sure to overlap the first side, and secured with tape. This method allows for circumferential seams approximately every 50″ to 52″, and a single seam running along the bottom of the pipe or duct.

  • Add additional wraps of tape around circumference as required snugging lagging to pipe or duct.
  • Where specified or as required banding should be installed in addition to tape to secure lag to pipe or duct.
  • On large rectangular duct work, a mechanical fastener such as stick pins or weld pins should also be utilized, with additional emphasis on supporting product across the bottom to prevent sagging.

4.  Cut and install the next section in the same fashion. Each progressive section should overlap the previous section by 2 inches (+/-). Tape this seam with a 4″ wide foil lag tape.

5.  When covering an elbow the usual method is to “gore” the product (as typical in sheet metal construction). See page 2 for instructions.

6.  In all cases the important element is to assure there are no gaps or leaks whatsoever.