ANC-WBV Loaded Vinyl Noise Wrap Barrier – Acoustical Pipe & Duct Lag-Series

This flexible duct & lagging noise barrier consists of one pound per square  foot reinforced mylar faced loaded vinyl noise barrier used to wrap noisy pipes, ducts, valves, equipment, fan housings and more.

  • Standard roll sizes are 48″ x 30’L
  • Easy to cut, wrap and install with matching tape on site.
  • STC 26


Typical used to wrap noisy pipes and ducts to block the noise that transmits through the walls of the pipe or duct as air or other contents move through it. The reinforced mylar exterior readily accepts a matching lag tape for easy installation and also serves as a protective jacket for indoor or outdoor applications.

Product Data

Description                  1LB-psf reinforced mylar faced vinyl barrier

Nominal thickness 0.90 inch

Temperature range      -10° to +180° F

Standard width             48”

Roll length                30′ or 60’

Weight                         1.0LB psf

Flammability               UL94: meets VO

Smoke Developed: 395 (per ASTM E-84)

Flame Spread: 32.5 (per ASTM E-84)

PRODUCT 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
ANC-WBV 15 16 21 26 33 38 26

ASTM E-90 & E 413