Acoustical Services

Acoustical Services


Acoustical Services provides acoustical design and test tasks by utilizing the latest methods and technology. We maintain a fully equipped instrumentation laboratory and a computer-aided design department, staffed with University trained engineers and technicians.

We offer the wide range of acoustical services for noise testing, in-depth analysis, complete documentation for your project.

Acoustical Services:
  • Sound Field Test and Measurement services
  • Noise control engineering and design services
  • Architectural Acoustics design services
  • Environmental sound engineering and design services
  • Specification development services
  • Commissioning and code compliance verification services
  • Construction administration services


Acoustical Applications:

Industrial Noise Control

Excessive noise is one of the most common workplace hazards in industrial facilities. Prolonged exposure to noise in manufacturing industries can result in compromised verbal communication, fatigue, lower productivity and work-related hearing loss. Manufacturing areas are not the only places where noise can be hazardous and counterproductive.

Architectural Noise Control

Architectural Noise Control products include; acoustical wall panels, ceiling tiles, ceiling baffles, acoustic banners, diffusers, and noise barriers. We also offer Metal panels, ceiling tiles, and clouds, and those come both in metal and fabric options. Our engineered noise control solutions provide noise control solutions to meet all commercial and interior soundproofing needs.

Commercial Noise Control

In today’s built environment noise problems can range from being a mild nuisance to a severe intrusion in another space. Acoustic issues in schools may cause difficulties with teaching, as students can’t always hear what is being said and this affects concentration (and therefore academic performance). Or poor auditorium acoustics may spoil the enjoyment of a concert. Whatever the source of noise or problem being experienced, the first step is to identify what the problem is and how we can resolve it.

Institutions Noise Control

Noise pollution is neglected in educational institutions, although it can cause multiple negative effects on students and teachers. The majority of noise pollution in educational institutions is due to the areas in which they are located. Many schools are near busy roads, public squares, bus stops as well as developed traffic. Exposure to high noise levels causes many health problems making it difficult for learning. Noise pollution interferes with the ability to understand normal speech and can lead to a number of personal handicaps and behavioral changes.

Construction Noise Control

Construction site noise can pose special problems for controlling noise. Several different factors can contribute to construction noise such as weather, atmosphere, landscaping, and construction noisemakers, e.g., earth moving equipment. Noise pollution can cause harmful effects such as speech interference, hearing loss, raise stress levels, and sleep disturbances to name a few.

Power Plant Noise Control

Industrial Power Plant Noise Control requirements for minimizing noise transmission from power plants machines, Transformers and Power System equipment are becoming more and more stringent. Each of these items has the potential of generating high noise levels.