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All Noise Control are manufacturers of various acoustical home theater products used for sound control & sound proofing. We specializes in noise control products for use in Home Theaters, Audio rooms, OEM projects, Office Conference and Office Media Rooms. The products found in this Home Theater Acoustics area also fit several other applications where Noise Control is needed.

There are multiple acoustic issues to deal with when creating a home theater. One is noise reduction. Sound proofing your home theater so that adjoing rooms to interfere with the internal acoustic qualities, as well as containing the sound within the home theater room to minimize noise pollution into adjoing rooms and even your neighbor’s ear range.

This brings us to the second most common issue, which is improving the sound quality. That means enjoying your media at higher volumes without loosing sound quality. Vinyl Sound Barriers are an ideal material for noise reduction and improving overall acoustic qualities. Other sound solutions include Corner Bass Traps, Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and more. Selecting the right home theater acoustical products have this noise reduction capability while improving sound quality is easy with the right acoustic specialists from All Noise Control assisting you.

Room Kits

Acoustic Room Kits:
Complete recording studio in a box
Live-end, dead-end (LEDE) room design
High performance fabric covered acoustic panels
Includes easy-mount hardware and screws

Wall Panels


Acoustic Panels:
Fabric covered acoustic panels with resin hardened edges
Made from high performance 6lb glass wool
Balanced absorption down into the bass region
Class-A/1 fire rated for safe use

Bass Trap

Acoustical Bass Trap

Bass Trap Kit:
Corner-mounted for optimal performance
Attenuates room modes to smooth response
17″ deep cavity absorbs bass down to 100Hz
Class-1/A fire rated for safe use in any facility

Ceiling Panels

acoustical ceiling panels

Ceiling Panels:
High-performance ceiling clouds in various shapes
Aesthetically pleasing designs fit in any room
Easy to install
Eliminate echo to improve intelligibility
Available in White may be painted to suit décor


Eliminates standing waves and flutter echo
Combination variable slat diffuser and absorber
Adds the sense of air and retains the natural ambiance
Ideal for recording studios and home theater

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