Polyfilm Lined Aluminum Elbow Covers

Ell-Jacs Plus Industrial Insulation

JM Polyfilm lined Aluminum Elbow Covers are made in two precision formed matching halves to cover and weatherproof insulated 45° and 90° pipe elbows. These elbow covers are called Ell-Jacs™ Plus by JM.

Like JM Aluminum Jacketing, Ell-Jacs™ Plus are a premier protective outer surface for insulation systems on pipe and are an excellent performing and critical accessory to complement the aluminum jacketing. Ell-Jacs™ Plus protect the insulation and underlying pipe from physical damage, UV exposure, corrosive atmospheres, and water. They also reduce the time and labor needed to install the metal jacketing system.

Ell-Jacs™ Plus have a 3 mil (76 micron) three-layer Polyfilm Moisture Barrier (PFMB) that is factory heat laminated to the interior surface. When coupled with the ultrapure 1100 alloy used in these elbows, this moisture barrier reduces pitting/crevice and galvanic corrosion potential of the interior surface of the elbow cover and the underlying pipe.

Ell-Jacs™ Plus have a factory applied and baked on finish of highly durable hard film clear epoxy, acrylic, or polyester paint on the exterior surface to help resist external corrosion and to raise the emittance. The special paint used on the exterior surface of Ell-Jacs™ Plus is chalk and fade resistant. It exhibits better resistance to oxidation and to the effects of various corrosive environments than bare aluminum jacketing. This painted surface also resists water, scratching, and fingerprint staining.

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