Acoustical Banners

Acoustical Banners
Acoustic Banners are high-efficiency flexible banners that provide exceptional sound absorption and are typically used in large rooms like gymnasiums or field houses. Sound absorption is essential in many fields, from architectural acoustics to audiometry. Acoustical Banners shall be located and spaced as detailed on reflected ceiling plans, on the interior elevation drawings, and as indicated on the room finish schedule. Acoustic Applications
  • Class 1 Public Buildings
  • Pools
  • OEM Applications
  • Auditoriums
  • Description
    Physical Properties
  • Cloth Cover: Aluminum vinyl coated fiberglass cloth
  • Thickness: 1″ thick (4′ x custom length)
  • Width: 48″ (or custom)
  • Length: Custom
  • Geometric Shape: Rectangular
  • Surface Finish: PVC Perforated One Side
  • Core: 1# fiberglass
  • Fire Rating: passes ASTM E84 Class I fire rating passes FMVS S .302 and FAR 25.283
  • Flame Spread: 17.66
  • Edge Construction: Heat Sealed
  • Suspicion Provision: (washer plates) (stiffeners) (cable)
  • Incombustibility: Class “A” per ASTM E-84 25/0/50
  • Acoustical Performance: 0.70 N.R.C.
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