Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustic ceiling are a type of suspended ceiling that helps to reduce noise in a room. They are made of panels that are hung from the ceiling, and they contain sound-absorbing materials such as fiberglass or mineral wool. All Noise Control Acoustical ceilings are often used in office buildings, schools, and hospitals, as they can help to create a more comfortable and productive work environment. In addition, acoustical ceilings can be used to improve the acoustics of a room for music or other performance. Acoustic ceilings are available in a variety of colors and styles, and they can be an attractive addition to any space.

Acoustic ceiling are an important part of any soundproofing project. Acoustic ceilings are designed to reflect sound, rather than absorb it. This helps to reduce noise levels in a room and improve the quality of the sound. Acoustical ceilings are made from a variety of materials, including fiberglass, mineral wool, and perforated metal. They can be installed directly onto the ceiling joists or suspended from the ceiling. Acoustical ceilings are an effective way to improve the acoustics in a room, and they can also help to reduce noise levels


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