Black Lap Seal – ArmaFlex®

Tube Insulation with Reinforced Lap Seal

Armacell answers the demand for easy-to-install ArmaFlex® Black LapSeal™ in a wide range of popular sizes and a secure lap seal closure system. Installers who already like the quick application of self-seal and lap seal ArmaFlex will appreciate the enhancements to our newest pipe insulation innovation.

Features include a wide lap seal closure system, with an easy-to-release liner tab. For added security, the low-profile lap seal ensures the longitudinal seam stays closed and looks neat. It’s the ideal solution for speeding up install times or making hard-to-reach installation areas easier to accommodate.


Elastomeric pipe insulation with a flexible lap seal for greater seam security and increased protection against condensation, mold and energy loss.


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Black flexible closed-cell elastomeric thermal insulation in tubular form with a reinforced lap seal

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