Pipe and Tank Insulation Wraps

Pipe and Tank Insulation Wraps

Pipe and Tank Insulation is a semi-rigid wrap designed to insulate large piping, and other curved surfaces, such as pipes with tracing lines, most fittings and other irregular shapes

Available in the two materials both designed for different temperature applications with facing options: FSK, ASJ (0.02 Perm) and Glass Mat.

Mineral Wool: Used to insulate hot surfaces up to 1000°F.

Fiberglass: Used to insulate cold and hot surfaces from 0˚F to 650˚F


Pipe and Tank Insulation eliminates the need for stocking large diameter pipe insulation, thereby eliminating job returns on slow moving items.


Pipe and Tank Insulation wraps are available in a variety of facings (ASJ, FSK, and Glass Mat). They are manufactured with the fibers perpendicular to the surface , which gives the material the characteristics of a rigid board. Pipe and Tank Insulation can be applied using stainless steel banding or tie wire, CD weld pins or cup head pins. The material is available in 36” widths and thicknesses ranging from 1” to 4”.

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