PVC Insulation Systems

PVC fitting covers and jacketing systems Speedline®

The Speedline® Smoke Safe™ PVC Jacketing System consists of gloss white outdoor weatherable and colored PVC sheet in either bulk rolls or precurled cut-to-fit pipe sizes. The White Jacketing is available in .010”, .015”, .020”, and .030” thicknesses.

The Jacketing and Fitting Covering Systems include solvent weld adhesives, stainless steel tack fasteners, silicone caulking and adhesive tapes. A die-cut multi-temperature fiberglass insulation insert is available and sized for a full insulation over the exposed pipe fitting and under the overlay of the PVC Fitting Cover.

Specification Compliance

  • ASTM D 1784, Cell Class 16354,
  • Federal Specification HH-I-558, Form B,
  • Type 1 Class B (Insert Insulation)
  • USDA and FDA for use in food processing, beverage, and pharmaceutical facilities
  • Military Spec LP-1035A, Type II Grade GU
  • Military Spec LP-535E, Type II Grade GU
  • New York City MEA 402-07-M,
  • Agriculture Canada, Canada: CGSB 51.53-95



White PVC Fitting Covers Shapes:

  • 90º Short Radius
  • 45º Short Radius
  • Tee-Valve Covers
  • End Caps
  • 90º Long Radius
  • Victaulic Elbow Covers
  • Victaulic Tee Covers
  • Victaulic Coupling
  • Flange Coupling
  • Union Cover
  • Inline Reducer
  • Oval End Cap
  • P-Trap
  • Y Strainer
  • Roof Drain Cover

Using fitting covers indoors? Check out our line of Colored PVC Fitting Covers. Looking for fitting covers that are more durable? Download our full-line catalog. Need sizing information? Download sizing chart.


Colored PVC Fitting Shapes are available in:

  • 90º Short Radius Two-Piece Elbow
  • Flange Coupling Covers
  • Oval End Cap
  • 45º Short Radius Two-Piece Elbow
  • Union Covers
  • Inline Reducers
  • Tee/Valve Covers
  • Y-Strainer Covers

Speedline® Colored PVC Fitting Covers are not rated for outdoor usage, see our White PVC Fitting Covers for your outdoor needs. Need a more durable fitting cover? Check out our Heavy Duty Fitting Covers.


For high abuse areas, Speedline manufactures Heavy Duty PVC Fitting Covers. Constructed from a minimum .030” to .050” thick PVC sheet, these are ideally suited for industrial and outdoor mechanical applications. The thicker gauge PVC provides greater impact resistance and durability over standard fitting covers. Speedline also manufactures covers and fittings in various colors.


Original Victaulic 90º Elbow

Elbow Covers are manufactured in two-half sections, which are available sealed as a one piece cover for ease of installation. Each Fitting Cover has stepped outer laps for neatly overlapping a ½˝, 1˝, 1½˝ or 2˝ pipe insulation thickness for the pipe sizes shown. Sold as a 90° and 45°.

Note: For an insulation thickness of 2˝ or more, use more than one insert as needed.


In many cases, especially in food plants, the PVC Jacketing should be sealed with Speedline® solvent-weld adhesive. PVC Jacketing is provided in three or four foot rolls.

Speedline® Corporation also manufactures Cut and Curl PVC Jacketing in 4 ft. sections and available in .010, .015, .020, .030 and .040 mil. Need sizes longer than 4 ft.? Consider our jumbo rolls which are available in 100 ft. sections.

PVC Color Jacketing is only available in 4-ft rolls and in .020″ and .030″ thicknesses. PVC Color Jacketing is not rated for outdoor usage.

PVC Jacketing Sizing Chart

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