Acoustical Blankets

Acoustical Blankets

Acoustic Blankets, known as sound blankets or soundproofing blankets are custom-made in various sizes. (Custom slits holes patches, windows, strip curtains, and more)

Our Soundproofing Blankets are broken into two main acoustical product groups:

Sound Absorbing Blankets: Reduces noise by absorbing sound used for Industrial plants, Manufacturing, Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, and Construction settings.

Noise Barrier: the Sound barrier absorbs and blocks sound. They are used in industrial plants, manufacturing, and construction sites.

With grommets across their tops and Velcro down both sides for interconnection. Soundproofing blankets boast an average of 20 to 40+ decibel drops suspending from ceilings or floor-mounted frames.


Soundproofing Acoustic Blanket Non-Reinforced Standard

Available in 2″ or 3″ thicknesses fiberglass quilted soundproofing blanket, with vinyl non-reinforced barrier internally sewn in.

  • ANC-AB12: 1 lb 2-inch thick noise reduction blankets*
  • ANC-AB13: 1 lb 3-inch thick noise reduction blankets (*n)
  • ANC-AB22: 2 lb 2-inch thick noise reduction blankets(*n)
  • ANC-AB23: 2 lb 3-inch thick noise reduction blankets (*n)
High-Temperature Soundproofing Acoustic Blanket Non-Reinforced
This product is made with silicone-coated 1″ thick fiberglass blankets. The continuous service range of -54°F to +500°F, with intermittent service to 700°F Ideal for high-temperature applications and where UV resistance is significant.
  • ANC-AB12-HT: non-reinforced 1lb psf sandwiched between two 1″ silicone-coated fiberglass blankets. (*n)
  • Outdoor Weatherproof Acoustic Blanket

    Available in 1″ or 2″ thickness fiberglass quilted blanket, with vinyl reinforced barrier internally sewn in. They are also resin coated for water and weather-resistant outdoor wet applications.

    Available in 1″, 2″, or 3″ thicknesses. Similar to AB2 with a resin coating for water/weather resistant Soundproofing applications.

    • ANC-AB1-110: 1lb 1″ thick noise reduction blankets (*n)
    • ANC-AB1-112: 1lb 2″ thick noise reduction blankets (*n)
    Barricade Quilted Fiberglass Absorber

    Now available in 1″, 2″, or 3″ thicknesses fiberglass quilted blanket. They are known as our barricade baffle ceiling or wall mount applications.

    (This is our AB1 without vinyl barrier)

    • ANC-AB2-1: 1-inch thick acoustic noise control blanket *
    • ANC-AB2-2: 2-inch thick acoustic noise control blanket *
    • ANC-AB2-4: 4-inch thick acoustic blanket (*)
    Exterior Weatherproof Long-term Reinforced Sound Curtains

    This barrier-backed Soundproofing product consists of an exterior grade UV resistant heavy-duty quilted fiberglass absorber. The product is also bonded to a reinforced loaded vinyl barrier.

    Acoustic Blankets as Large Scale, Specialty & Noise Applications
    The versatility of noise reduction blankets is unlimited. Below is a note on which blankets are used for specific samples and specialty applications.
  • Applications level size and location of unwanted noise is no match for noise reduction blanket materials. Only our barriers are noise absorbents designed to absorb unwanted sound reflection.
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