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Acoustical Basstraps

Acoustical Bass control is without a doubt the most challenging aspect to creating the ultimate acoustic space. All noise Control offers a wide selection of bass traps to suit every need.

The M-Trap and F-Trap incorporate an advanced diaphragmatic resonator within the design that naturally migrates to the problem frequency to deliver unmatched absorption. For unobtrusive control the tri-corner trap helps tame the deep low mids that plague most rooms and vocal booths.



M-Trap Corner Bass Trap
High performance corner mounted
Suspended diaphragm absorbs bass down to 40Hz
High density controls highs & mids
Ideal for small rooms

Bass Trap

Bass Trap Kit
Corner-mounted for optimal performance
Attenuates room modes to smooth response
17″ deep cavity absorbs bass down to 100Hz
Class-1/A fire rated for safe use in any facility


Tri-Corner Bass Trap
Effective from 100Hz & up
Captures sound as it migrates in corners
Unobtrusive design fits any décor
Class-A fire rated safe to use anywhere


High Performance wall mount bass trap
Suspended diaphragm absorbs bass below 50Hz
High density front absorber controls highs & mids
Ideal for small rooms where modes cause problems

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