Prima diffuser line offers a complete array of Acoustic Diffuser to address all needs. The award-winning Razorblade delivers true quadratic diffusion to satisfy the most critical listening environments. The Flexifuser combines rotating reflectors and an internal absorber to allow the user to optimize the diffusion for the environment. And the Radiator brings a modular approach to breaking up high frequencies bringing affordable diffusion to walls and ceilings.

Industrial noise control is a complex and demanding field, requiring a variety of Acoustic Diffuser types to achieve the desired results. The Prima diffuser line offers a complete array of diffusers to address all needs.

R Diffuser

True Schroeder* quadratic residue diffuser ‘QRD’
17 deep 8″ wells diffuse energy down to 400Hz
Eliminates standing waves and flutter echo
Adds sense of air and retains natural ambience

F Diffuser

Combination variable slat diffuser and absorber
Eliminates flutter echo and standing waves
Allows you to adjust diffusion angles to suit
Ideal for recording studios and home theater

RD Diffuser

Multipurpose diffuser for walls and ceilings
Breaks up and distributes high frequency energy
Modular design with integral mounting system
Introduces a sense of air and space into any room