Day care, High traffic, High Moisture and the need for Sanitary Acoustic products to solve noise problems

The following was posted by a visitor and since it’s a common question I thought it would be beneficial to everyone to share some solutions.

Kerri –
I own a daycare center and noise is a very big problem. Our design is open so there are no walls. We are looking for a noise control solution and are not sure where to start. How do I determine how much noise control I need or what products are likely to have a marked impact on the noise levels?

Answer:The business of childcare can be a “sticky” scenario. Very durable, washable products are needed that can also handle potential spills and other high moisture problems. All Noise Control recommends in these situations our Acoustic Sanitary Panels. They meet and exceed all the requirements in an area such as childcare facilities, as well as dog kennels, hospitals, OEM, industrial, car washes, food service, auditoriums, pool areas and more.
These versatile panels can act as ceiling baffles, ceiling tiles and wall panels meeting the best of multiple uses and are highly washable, durable and yes, sanitary!
Please check out our acoustical sanitary panels at our corporate website.