Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier for Gerber Facility

Over the past 5 years, Gerber Products Headquarters in Freemont, Michigan has been contacting All Noise Control to provide a solution for privacy issues in their commercial office space in the headquarters building.
The noise was traveling in and out of office units that required soundproofing solutions to improve office noise quality and especially privacy. In 2005 All Noise Control was proud to acquire Gerber as a new customer by offering them the ideal solution that fits within their budget and solving their needs. Since 2005 Gerber has been placing orders for Vinyl Barrier with All Noise Control for their soundproofing needs.
The Problem…
Not only do building materials themselves act as a conduit for noise to travel easily through office spaces, but additionally the floor plans and nature of office units allow noise to travel throughout. Typical drop ceilings and their grid systems of shared walls, floors, and ceilings and typical sparse office walls are all elements that aid in noise traveling through office units. Add sound traveling through thin internal walls (both wood or steel stud). privacy is an undeniable noise problem to be solved.
The Solution…
All Noise Control suggested a simple solution: a mass-loaded vinyl barrier. The ANC-VB60 1lb, 1/8″ thick Mass Loaded Vinyl. Installed throughout the office units in the space and privacy was an instant byproduct of
Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier is often referred to “mlv”. This weighted barrier has revolutionized soundproofing materials and the powerhouse in soundproofing materials. Its heavy, weighted & dense properties efficiently absorb the energy from sound waves, therefore, blocking noise from traveling through it.
Gerber Products solved their soundproofing issues by installing the suggested product, ANC-VB60, and has ordered it six times since their original purchase in 2005.
The Results.
Gerber was pleased with the soundproofing and privacy that was added to their office units and found the space much more productive and pleasant to work in.
We invite you to call All Noise Control at 561-964-9360 to discuss the noise control materials supplied to this particular facility and are just as happy to listen to your individual needs and supply you with a customized All Noise Control Solution. You may also visit our mass-loaded vinyl barrier page to see the soundproofing materials used in this application.