Tail End Pet & Resort Spa Pampers Pets & Customers with Less Echo & a Quieter Place…

At a posh pet & resort in South Florida, they had to solve a Customers With Less Echo problem that occurs within pet-oriented businesses, kennels, and such. Echo and reverberation of barking dogs.
Noise Control Challenge
The construction characteristics of facilities such as kennels and boarding facilities, and yes pet spas, are often bare with lots of hard surfaces. This allows optimum cleanliness and construction able to hold high trac and high abuse areas. However, the dog naturally excited bark and that echoes through rooms at a rapid pace. Sta complained about ear aches, an uncomfortable work environment, and the increased noise fed anxiety to the occupants…eliminating that echo and reverberation is the challenge.
When they called us to discuss their needs we knew exactly what to deliver. Our ANC-600 Acoustical Ceiling
Baes are available in a variety of PVC colors, are easily installed, are superior in solving reverberation problems as
well as easy to clean. Hanging these from the ceiling down the kennel run immediately reduced the echo and absorbed the harsh noise traveling through the kennel. In addition, it added some bright colors to the kennel run improving
aesthetics as well as it’s purpose… reverberation control.
The crisp corners and finished facing with PVC color finishing completed the noise kennel and while unable
to eliminate the noise source, barking dogs, achieved night and day results on removing noise irritants. Happier workers, Happier Dogs, Happier Customers, and of course, Happier Management.
Noise Control Solution Results
Once installed Tail End management and sta were thrilled and the products were a hit. Tail End recognized
the value of the Acoustic Ceiling Baes and realized that their exam rooms could benefit from this type of acoustic solution. Aesthetic, cost-effective, and most importantly it solved the problem