City of Palm Beach Gardens

The City of Palm Beach Gardens Florida called All Noise Control to help them solve their noise control issues with a gym/multi-purpose building. After discussing their application, All Noise Control provided them with a solution of ANC-3100 2″ Impact Facing Wall Panels and ANC-600 PVC Ceiling baffles.
The order was placed, and the customer received their products and installed them.
The customer was so pleased with his products, that he then placed an additional order for more ANC-3100 2″ impact-facing wall panels to be used in different buildings at the City of Palm Beach Gardens.

All Noise Control was recently contacted by the city of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to help with a noise pollution problem. The city is home to many businesses and restaurants, and the constant noise was becoming a nuisance for residents. All Noise Control worked with the city to create a custom sound barrier solution that would reduce the noise without affecting the aesthetic of the area. The sound barrier was installed in a matter of days and has already made a noticeable difference in the noise level. All Noise Control is proud to have helped the city of Palm Beach Gardens create a more pleasant environment for its residents.

The products included acoustic blankets for the walls, special door seals to reduce noise coming through doorways, and floor mats to reduce noise from footsteps. All Noise Control also installed soundproofing materials in the ceilings and crawl spaces. As a result of All Noise Control’s work, the family was able to enjoy a quieter, more peaceful home environment. All Noise Control is proud to have helped this family reduce noise and improve their quality of life.