Acoustic Panels for Church

All Noise Control for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
All Noise Control for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Acoustical wall panels provided the finishing touches on the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Bay City, Texas. Learn how the acoustical treatment was designed to fit seamlessly with the architectural design of the space allowing visitors the best experience possible in this serene retreat of the church.
When the Savanna Franklin from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Bay City, Texas called All Noise Control to help them solve their noise control issues for a parish hall at their church. They need to quiet the noise on both sides of their large room.
Ensuring proper acoustics was a crucial element to reducing distractions and allows visitors to connect with the natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere and the comforting hospitality that the center has become recognized for providing to its visitors.
Due to the particular pitch of the roof, All Noise Control was faced with problem that the ceiling was designed to be angled. In order to accomplish their goal, All Noise Control provided St. Mark’s Episcopal Church with a solution of angle cut ANC-3000 1″ acoustical wall panels.
After the ANC-3000 1” acoustical wall panels were installed, it dramatically reduced reverberation and felt very intimate and warm within the chapel, while at the same time allowing visitors to experience all the beauty of the natural surroundings.
The church was very satisfied with the wall panels and stated “the panels have helped immensely with our noise and echo problem. They are beautiful as well as functional”.