Ceiling Mounted Acoustical Enclosure

Ceiling Mounted Acoustical Enclosure
1. Layout and mark area to be enclosed.
2. Slide roller track (16 RT) through connectors to designated locations. To make sliding roller track into connectors easier, squeeze ends of roller track together as you slide into the end of connector. NOTE: using two pieces of single track held together by a double track connector creates a double track system.
3. Attach all connectors, such as 16 CC or 16 CAC or 16 CT-3-C, to ceiling. (Refer to track layout drawing for locations).
4. Line up existing holes or drill holes as necessary in track to accept set screws that lock into a hole in the track thru the track connector (use a 3/16 inch hex key).
5. Insert 16 NR 1 1/2″ roller hooks provided thru grommets in each curtain panel. (Note: Due to the thickness of some types of Acoustical Curtain Panels you may need to pry open roller hooks slightly before installing thru grommet. Crimp roller hooks tightly to curtain after installing thru grommet.)
6. Lift curtain panels up to the open end of the track; feed wheels of roller hooks into track. See drawings for proper panel locations taking care to note which direction panels face to insure Velcro seals mate properly to adjacent panels. For double track systems also note on which track (inside or outside) each panel should be installed.
7. Adjust hardware as necessary to accommodate curtains.
8. Install 16 ES end stops in all open ends of track to prevent rollers from running out of track.