Soundproofing, Noise Control, Noise Reduction

Read a little about what the terms mean or dive right into our acoustic products on the right. So what does it all mean? All soundproofing and noise control terms cover a lot of ground in the acoustics and noise control industry. All our products are broken into noise barrier materials – and noise absorption materials – There are 2 main ways to deal with sound problems.
We’ve found that if you are looking for noise control, your typically looking to block noise (noise barriers) in the industrial –, corporate or commercial – markets looking to quiet noisy equipment, facilities, block noise from room to room ( or any space to another ).
If you refer to soundproofing, your typically looking to absorb sound or dealing with echo & reverberation problems. These are typically in institutional ( schools, auditoriums), houses of worship –, architectural acoustics –, theaters – and other similar. Typically sound created by humans ( voice, footsteps, activities ) and/or music, media and theater and other various shared and large space.
There are too many applications to really list above without making it difficult to read. Please visit our acoustic applications page by clicking here to see an ever growing list of solutions and related information about your specific application –