Green Glue Data

Green Glue is a liquid, waterborne, viscoelastic damping compound which represents the highest performance product of its type. It is used in between sheets of drywall, subflooring or other building materials. It is significantly lower in applied cost than competitive products, with an excellent cost/performance ratio. It is also remarkably tolerant to real-world application conditions and carries almost none of the burden of precision required by many damping systems.
Green glue is non-toxic with no mixing required. For floors and walls, this product drastically reduces impact and airborne noise. It can be used in loudspeaker cabinets, home theaters, and recording studios.

Active Content: 68% +/-5%
Working Time: >30 minutes*
Cure Time: 7 days
Viscosity: Light Paste (65,000 cps)
Odor: Mild (Temporary)
VOC: <2g/liter
Flash Point: >200 deg F
Application Temp: 40-90 deg F
Damping Factor: Typically 0.50+ with 2*5/8 fire code drywall (3X higher than any competitive product we are aware of)
Coverage: Approx. 16 sq ft per tube at full coverage

Recommended Coverage:
1 tube per 32 square feet or per 4′ x 8′ sheet will deliver result rates equal to  70% of the performance of two tubes per 32 square feet
If low frequency performance is the primary goal and budget is not an issue, use 3 tubes per 32 square feet or 4′ x 8′ sheet
1 5 gallon bucket will cover 365 square feet
Never use more than 3 tubes per 32 square feel or 4′ x 8′ sheet
Green Glue Features:
4 times the performance of “quiet” glue
Fast and easy
Simple application using a standard caulk gun
Light viscoelastic material; squeezes easily from tubes
Low VOC and odor; qualifies as a green building material
Soap and water cleanup
Packaged in 100% recycled plastic tubes and boxes
Walls, Ceiling and Floors:
Dramatically improved sound isolation
Superior low frequency isolation

Green Glue Soundproofing & Noise Reduction Material