The Froggtown Inn & Acres Restaurant keeps things quiet and quaint

Steven Warren from Froggtown Inn & Acres Restaurant contacted All Noise Control with a typical restaurant noise issue. A quiet, quaint and relaxing environment was disrupted by travelling conversations and the going on that happen in the general hustle of any restaurant. Dishes clanking, conversations carrying, doors opening and closing, kitchen noise, all lending to a interrupted dining experience.

Aesthetics being very important, All Noise Control had custom configured ceiling clouds for Froggtown Inn. After they put them in place it added a comfortable design and texture to the space and did an amazing job at absorbing the noise bouncing throughout the space.

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are much like the name implies, absorbent materials suspended from ceiling. They can be affixed to any existing ceiling or slope and can be custom cut and sized to fit architecturally in your space. They work by absorbing the sound waves (which are in the form of heat) and each time one of these waves reflects off the cloud, the soft open celled nature of the cloth absorbs it. To be exact its energy is depleted. Placing them strategically through a restaurant can have an astounding effect on dining noise like it did for Froggstown Inn & Acres Restaurant.


Ceiling clouds are a very effective treatment for the reduction of sound in ceiling areas. All Noise Control ceiling clouds are suspended horizontally, with our eye hook or t-grid attachment mounted to the cloud at the time of shipment.
Sizes: Standard up to 4′ x 10′
(custom sizes & shapes available)
Face & edges are wrapped in fabric or perforated vinyl t o match or accentuate the room design.

Installation Instructions: