Acoustical Blankets Suspended Walls Installation

In Addition to very effective high-performance acoustic blankets panels, a successful functional acoustical enclosure often requires a wide array of features and options allowing for equipment access, visibly and ventilation.
Framing systems are available for floor mount, wall mount, ceiling mount or suspended by threaded rod:
How to install Acoustical Blankets Suspended Walls Installation:
1.  Layout and mark area to be enclosed.
2.  While the hardware is on the ground, slide roller track (16 RT) through connectors to designated locations. To make sliding roller track into connectors easier, squeeze ends of roller track together as you slide into the end of connector. Where two pieces of track meet inside a connector make sure to deburr the ends of the track and push the butting ends together so that they fit snugly. This prevents the rollers from getting stuck in a “pot hole” inside the connector. Be sure to see the track orientation detail to ensure that the enclosure is assembled as designed.
3.  Now suspend all connectors, such as 16 BC’s, at the proper height. (Refer to track layout drawing for locations).
NOTE: Threaded rod, chains, or other hanging mechanisms by others.
4.  Install the acoustical blankets panels per the appropriate instructions.
5.  Adjust hardware as necessary to accommodate curtains.
6.  Line up existing holes or drill holes as necessary in track to accept set screws that lock into a hole in the track thru the track connector (use a 3/16 inch hex key).
7.  Install 16 ES end stops in all open ends of track to prevent rollers from running out of track.