Sound Absorbing Product for R & L Acoustics

Client: R & L Acoustics
R & L Acoustics located in Naugatuck, CT; contacted All Noise Control they had a noise problem within a room they needed a strong sound-absorbing product, with an elegant appearance. R & L Acoustics felt 100% confident that All Noise Control could provide them with the best product that best fit their needs.
The main goal was for All Noise Control to provide information with a product that could absorb sound and block noise. Sound Absorption Acoustic Wall Panel Noise Wall Panels were the answer, wall panels are acoustical and aesthetic needs with their strong Sound absorbing product, durability, and elegant appearance. Wall panels are used for sound reduction and reverberation control. Sound absorbing product are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. The raw acoustical panels can be wrapped with acoustically transparent fabric to create attractive wall treatments that absorb excessive amounts of sound. Acoustical fabric-wrapped wall panels can be backed with a noise barrier to creating a sound panel that sounds absorbing, sound from bouncing back into a room, and also helps stop it from penetrating through walls.
R & L Acoustics purchased the product with All Noise Control. They were intrigued with the information that All Noise Control provided.
Our Client, R & L Acoustics is very pleased with the results of the Acoustical Wall Panels. They have a peaceful room where they are sure that the noise will not go through to other rooms and that the noise from other rooms will be blocked with the sound barrier within the fabric.
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