How to Soundproof a Generator

Generators are often noisy an effective solution is often required to suppress the noise emitted from them. Pump noise is usually a nuisance because they are sitting on comparatively lightweight structures. The best way to soundproof and reduce any noise from a generator regardless of size is to enclose it within a Floor Mounted 4-Sided Soundproofing Acoustic blanket Enclosure. For best results, the enclosure should be as large as possible to allow less heat buildup and also to be more effective at reducing the noise output from reaching other areas and acoustically isolating the pump to contain structure-borne sound being transmitted from where it is mounted.
Depending on the current sound levels of the generators and your noise reduction goals, an abatement solution can be determined. In most applications, a soundproofing acoustic blanket enclosure will meet your sound reduction needs. This is a two to the four-sided enclosure with or without a roof. Typically a frame and track are constructed to suspend the sound curtain panels. The soundproofing blankets material is a composite material bonding mass loaded vinyl with an acoustical absorber and faced with a vinyl diamond stitched facing.
Using our Soundproofing Acoustic Blankets to construct a 4-sided noise control solution will significantly reduce sound. The noise reduction to be expected is a range of 20 to 40 decibels. The better the construction, weight of blankets and amount of acoustic blankets used (the surface area) all factor into your sound reduction numbers. Ensuring all corners and edges are tight and that there are no gaps is a major factor. The size of the blankets in which the amount of surface area that is available to dissipate and contain the noise is the other major factor.
Reducing noise by 20 to 40 decibels with this cost-effective, durable material is one of the best ways to solve noise control issues in commercial, facility & industrial markets.
Our Soundproofing Acoustic Blankets come standard with grommets across the top, mating Velcro along the vertical edges and corner seals.
• Floor Mounted Acoustic Blanket Enclosure
• Mark and label the area where the enclosure will mount.
• Locate the Floor Mounted Base Hardware, do not attach it to the floor yet.
• Slide roller tracks into track connectors on the floor by squeezing the ends of the roller track together while sliding into connectors.
• Lift this track up and slip the track connectors onto the top of floor columns.
• Line up the existing holes or drill holes (using a 2/16 inch hex key) as needed into the track for the screws to lock into the holes thru the track connectors.
• Lift the panels up to the track. You can use plastic ties to attach the panels to the track through grommeted holes (already installed by All Noise Control) in each panel. Review the customer-supplied drawings for the appropriate panel placement. Make sure you know which direction to place the panels, be sure the Velcro seals are going to mate correctly.
• Apply and tighten all screws in connectors. Adjust hardware as needed for the panels to fit.
• Mount base to the floor.
• Connect panels with supplied vertically attached Velcro.
These instructions are designed to give the basic principles of what is required to sound proof noisy machinery or equipment and are not step-by-step instructions. Unsure if you found your sound solution? Call us right away at 1-561-964-9360 or fill out our contact form here.