Noise Reduction Soundproofing Blankets & Sound Curtain Systems

For years, acoustical sound absorbing blankets have been used successfully to control problems with noise and sound in all types of indoor and outdoor environments. They reduce tension, make music sound better, allow people to speak and hear better and provide a safer work environment.

All Noise Control Soundproofing Blankets are engineered specifically to withstand the most rigorous outdoor and industrial environments. Water, moisture, humid salt air or salt water, dirt, dust, constant ultraviolet light, chlorine air, grease, corrosion, and most harsh chemicals are not a problem for this wonderful product. Soundproofing outdoor sound blankets are washable with a hose, very durable, long lasting and usable in hundreds of areas and applications.  Soundproofing Blankets has an incredible NRC of 1.00 (Noise Reduction Coefficient), Acoustical Laboratories test results.

In addition, these panels are not just “sound absorbing” but also “sound blocking.” This allows one to not only absorb sound but also stop the sound from penetrating through the soundproofing blankets, a very meaningful advantage over conventional “sound absorbing” blankets which stop sound reflections. The soundproofing blankets have an extraordinarily high STC of 30 (Sound Transmission Class).

The most difficult sound blocking problems are the low frequencies (30 to 100 HZ). The annoying bass in music is predominately 40 to 80 HZ. Conventional sound barriers do dramatically less & less sound blocking below 100 HZ. However because of the All
Noise Control barrier material built into each of the outdoor they actually increase in sound blocking from 100 HZ down and is amazingly beneficial for difficult soundproofing.